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Healing is an act of observing and remembering

It is both our mirror and doorway back to the self

In-person and virtual sessions offered

with ariele max

illustration by Plenilunix

Reiki is a non-intrusive hands-on technique that aids with both physical and emotional ailments. The hour long appointment includes a consultation, option for pressure point/ lymph massage around the face, head and neck, and a detailed follow up email. 

dreamwork consultation
with ariele max

Where do we go when we sleep? Dreamwork creates a space for the subconscious to get closer to the surface of the conscious mind, allowing us to get to know ourselves better. Dreams and memories leave imprints that exist in parts of our minds that sometimes feel out of reach, far behind a gate. Dreamwork guided meditation can be a tool, a key to the gate. This hour long session begins with a breathwork followed by a detailed guided meditation catered to you and your dreams.


with ariele max

Everything you consume becomes a part of you. This consultation will help you understand the functionality of all of your senses and better your ability to prevent ailments and disease. Ayurveda is one of the oldest and longest continuously practiced forms of holistic medicine. We will use diet and other guidelines to create a strong immune system, mental clarity and optimal digestion capacity.
After the appointment you will receive a detailed framework with guidelines to create and maintain physical and emotional health.


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