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Hypnagogic visions, the ones we get right at the cups of falling asleep, can be similar to the visuals we may have while in a deep, meditative state. This is because similar brain waves are activated in both states of mind. Through dreamwork, you can access lost memories, face difficulties in nightmares, re-enter and re-imagine recurring dreams. Recommended for those who dream (everybody dreams!)

Starry Sky

In your dreams podcast

In this episode of “In Your Dreams,” (created by Shoshannah Buxbaum and Suzannah Cavanaugh) I join forces with other dream analysts/ travelers like Robert Waggoner, Rubin Naiman and Drs. Deirdre Barrett to try and unlock the mystery behind Leah’s nightly disturbing dreams

Faded Shapes

1 Hour Session

$90-120 Sliding Scale

Faded Shapes

1 hour session

+ 3oz bag of natural herbal dream blend tea


Faded Shapes

5 Session Pack


Faded Shapes

dreamwork + Reiki  package



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